Here’s to you, Mr Burch


January 12, 2014 by FoodFloozy

The Place: Mr Burch
Address: 129 McKinnon Road, McKinnon, VIC 3204
Cost: Breakfast menu, Lunch menu.
Hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm, Saturday to Sunday 8am to 3pm
Style: Modern Australian
Kids? There wasn’t a kids menu that I saw, however kids were there and looked very welcomed by the staff.

Rating: Match made in Heaven (5/5)

I love hanging with both of my sisters-in-law. They’re bloody interesting, and fun to be with – and no, the luck of this is not lost on me. That said, one of my sisters-in-law lives much closer than the other, so we catch up every now and again to have a good old chinwag by visiting a local cafe. And I’m not kidding when I say we like to chat – we tend to spend about 3 to 4 hours just talking about everything that is going on around us and to us.

Last time we visited the Merchants Guild (lets call it MG) in Bentleigh East, and as MG  tends to have a line up outside of punters wanting a table, we soon found ourselves being given the ‘hurry on’ by the floor manager. Now don’t get me wrong, although I didn’t LIKE being hurried on, I do understand it – so although I’ll go back (the food IS AMAZING there), this action has removed MG from list of places to go our catch ups, as we ain’t gonna be rushed… damn it.

Anyway, that sent me searching for another place to call home – a place hopefully free of ‘hurry ons’. Why hello there Mr Burch!

The Food

Mr Burch has a good solid cafe style menu. They also present your dish with flare, which taste delicious and the portions are perfect. It was satisfyingly difficult to choose what I wanted to try, however we both decided to go with the Breakfast menu, me the Dukkah dusted poached eggs on avocado spread toast and my sister in law the Brioche french toast with bacon and maple syrup.

Dukkah dusted poached eggs on avocado spread toast

Dukkah dusted poached eggs on avocado spread toast

The eggs were cooked to perfection, the spice was nice and tasty, and the avocado creamy – no complaints and super morish! My SIL both adored the presentation and flavor of her dish. We both left feeling really happy with our meals – so happy that we didn’t share a tiny bit of it… which is mainly my fault, as my SIL did offer… BAD Foodfloozy… *sigh*

Brioche french toast with bacon and maple syrup

Brioche french toast with bacon and maple syrup

And everything else?

The service here is friendly/welcoming and quiet. Describing service as ‘quiet’ might sound odd, but what I mean by that is this: they ask you what you’d like, bring that out to you, check in when your coffee cups are empty to see if you want another, take your plates away, and otherwise keep refilling your water jug and leave you be to have a good chinwag – SCORE!

The drinks menu is great (including wines!), and I couldn’t resist, in addition to my flat white, a Phoenix Organic Cola… so yum. 😀 This place also gets top marks for it’s commitment to sustainable business practices – meaning they’re doing their most to recycle and compost their waste. And according to their website they ‘buy locally and cook/bake in house’, and from what I saw, these inhouse goodies looked YUM. In short, ‘respect’ is what they get.

Flat white

Flat white

Food Envy?

Did you SEE my sister in law’s french toast!?! Scandalous to have that amazing tidbit across the table! I’ll be back to eat that, along with working my way through the menu. Damn it.

Phoenix Organic Cola and our window seat

Phoenix Organic Cola and our window seat

Having a background in hospitality, I know ‘those people that just sit there and talk drinking coffee’s’ can be thought of as a pain in butt. However if you LET people like us sit there, we’ll be back… and we’ll bring our friends. Mr Burch, you let us sit, you fed us well, you made us feel special. I think I’ll introduce you to my parents. xxoo

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One thought on “Here’s to you, Mr Burch

  1. Karin says:

    Looks DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing 😉

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