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October 11, 2013 by FoodFloozy

Milo Dinosaur
The Place: PuppaRich Chadstone
Address: Chadstone Shoppin Centre
Cost: You’re looking at about $15 to $20 per head. Menu available here.
Hours: 7 days a week, mostly 10.30am to 9pm
Style: Malaysian
Kids? Yep, always kids there when we go.

Rating: Hot fling (4/5)

Found yourself at Chaddy and wonder what you should eat? PappaRich will definitely please most – even the most discerning Malaysian food consoeur or fussy “I don’t like that” kids!

The Food

This has become a favorite of the family, especially with my Mother-in-Law, as she really enjoys the fact that she can get some quality Malaysian food so close to home. We’ve tried nearly everything on the menu, yes, even the deep fried chicken skin! But today I’m sharing some of our most regular eats.

  • Curry laksa – There isn’t much not to like in this laksa, unless you like them chili-hot, at which point you’ll be disappointed. I like it because it has a little kick (I’m not a massive chili eater mind you) and loads of flavor. Not as nice as Char Siu House’s, but it’s tasty.
  • Pappa Chicken Rice – A good version of this staple Chinese-Malaysian dish. The rice is always full of chicken-stock flavor, the chicken tender (and always thigh) and the sauces are delicious.
  • Dry Kuay Teow – I enjoy this one, but have to be in a savory/sweet mood to order it. The sauce is definitely on the sweet side, which might not please all patrons – that said, it’s still a keeper.
  • Roti Canai – Yep, Roti here ROCKS. The kids love it of course, but so do the adults, you’ll find it almost impossible just to eat one. The sauces that accompany it (if you want sauces) are also delicious, with the chili sauce really packing a punch.
  • Dry Curry Noodle – Similar tot he Dry Kuay Teow, the sauce used on the noodles is a tad on the sweet side for me, but the curry saves the day, making this one a nicely balance rather morish meal.

And everything else?

The atmosphere here is buzzing – it’s NEVER not busy, with lines often running out the door, whilst others wait inside for a seat. In short, don’t show up here at 12 noon or 7pm and expect to get a seat immediately. Get in early to lunch (i.e 11am) or dinner (6pm to 6.30pm), otherwise you’ll be waiting. Is it worth the wait though? Yep, damn yep. The service is quick and friendly, with all orders being written down on a little form by your nominated table leader (ie. whoever is literate and closest to the order note pad and pencils). Also, the drinks here are super fun! Once you’ve trawled through all the food of offer, you have to choose what you’ll drink, and it won’t be easy. Below are some of our favorites, but we mix it up a lot and have never been disappointed. Personally, the “Fresh Lemon Honey” is too sweet for me, but everyone discredited that feedback as I tend to eat lemons like oranges, so I guess that’s my que to shut up. 😀

Food envy

Enjoyably, I always have food envy here. It’s either a plate of food at someone else’s table, or at my table. I also have a bad habit of suffering ‘eyes bigger than stomach’ syndrome here – also a happy consequence. That said, what I order always tastes great, is a perfect size and quenches my desire for more.

The only draw back to PuppaRich’s extravaganza is that sometimes their sauces can be a little on the sweet side. This, and only this, is the reason why it’s not a match made in heaven for me – you can’t fall madly in love with someone who is ALWAYS sweet, you need balance. That said, I’m still in for a Hot Fling!
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2 thoughts on “Puppa Rich

  1. Karin says:

    Love love LOVE Malaysian food. Thanks for your review!

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