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November 15, 2012 by FoodFloozy

The Place: Ajisai Japanese Restaurant
Address: 377 Centre Road, Bentleigh, VIC, 3204

Cost: Ranging from $6 to $18 for most dishes, then the boat comes in at around $34 – either way, all food and drink featured in this review cost no more than $54 in total. The value here blows my mind! I AM IN LOVE.
Hours: 6pm to 10pm, 7 days.
Style: Japanese

Rating: Match made in heaven (5/5)

When we first moved from metropolitan ‘just 5 minutes from the city and anything you could possibly want to eat‘ North Melbourne, to Bentleigh East, things looked grim. Apart from Oasis Bakery (which is beyond awesome), there just wasn’t anything we really loved close by.

But then we found Ajisai in Bentleigh – WE’VE BEEN SAVED! WOO HOO!!!

The Food
Japanese is probably, hands down, my favorite cuisine type. When we went to Japan for 2 weeks, many moons ago prior to the mortgage, we found that Japanese food has the ability to make your body sing. It’s so light, nutritious and simple. Ajisai stay very true to this and it is, every single time, a pleasure to eat here.

Our typical choices are Agedashi Tofu and the Ajisai Special sushi and sashimi boat for two (which the owners now refer to as our “regular”, which makes ordering really easy).
The picture of the Tofu isn’t the best, simply because we forgot to snap it prior to consuming 95% of the dish! However let that be a testament to the tender yet crisp tofu morsels and the delicious broth – a broth that makes you want to abandon your dinner etiquette and drink it straight from the bowl whilst gobbling tasty pieces of tofu… mmmmmm.

And the boat is AMAZING value. Not only is the sashimi expertly selected and prepared, the sushi is super tasty too, with a nice mix of plain, vegetable (including crisp delicious pickles) and Californian rolls. You can’t go past this for taste and value, I’d find it hard to compare to anything I’ve eaten at fancier places in the city, the taste here is light years ahead. A real testament to the chef.

And everything else?
The decor isn’t the most spiffy here. The tables are clean, the atmosphere friendly and cozy, the music suitably Japanese (and almost memorised, I love it) and the waitresses (and sushi chef) are always super friendly. There are also framed epic (meaning large) puzzles on the walls, depicting Japanese women and fantastical scenes. It’s quite quaint really, and feels so damn nice. There is nothing not to like here.

Food Envy?

We see lots of tasty sizzling plates, hand rolls and noodles (oh oh, and the Bento Boxes!) but find it all to difficult and heart wrenching not to consume the boat… we must have it! But envious I am.

We are always ravenous when we come here, but this combination, coupled with their lovely green tea and the ‘must have’ Calpico, it’s a dinner that never disappoints.  If you live in the area and are a fan of sushi and sashimi, you simply have to try it – it’s deliciousness delivered to you in a comfortable atmosphere, what more could you want? What a match made in heaven!

Ajisai on Urbanspoon


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