Come on, give it a Thy


May 6, 2012 by FoodFloozy

The Place: Thy Thy

Address: 142 Victoria Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
Cost: From $5 to $20 (we never spend over $25, which includes: tea, ice lemon drinks and our dish of choice each)

Hours: All day everyday.
Style: Vietnamese

Rating: Booty Call (3/5)

Although we should, we never seem to eat anywhere but at Thy Thy when we come to Richmond. The Pho, Bun and Broken Rice are just fantastic – and it’s nice to go upstairs and sit above the hustle and bustle of Richmond’s shopping district.

The Food

My Pho – full of tasty herbs, just a shame about the stock

Even on a hot day it takes a lot for me to go past Pho. I’m rather obsessed with soup, and when I tasted the rich spicy broth known as Pho, I was in love, lost forever to it’s temptation! So yes… I ordered a Pho. Sadly, this Pho didn’t have the Star Anise kick I love so much and was a little lacking in depth, but apart from that, it was still nice and had lots of herbs and raw onion, which I love.

King Kong went for the Bun with spring rolls and crispy pork. He was stupendously happy with this choice, commenting on how nice the pork was (crispy and delicious). If you haven’t tried a Bun salad yet, you haven’t lived! They’re super tasty and perfect for summer… which we are SO not in right now… stupid cold weather…

And everything else?
One thing I love about this place is the service. You arrive, are seated quickly with very little conversation, are given tea and menus, then left alone until you look ready to order. Then they take your order and that’s it. Some say rude, or cold – I say efficient and to the point. Don’t go-a-changin’ Thy Thy, I love you!

King Kong’s Bun – excellently tasty!

I’ve been to Thy Thy so many times, that I can’t say that a lack luster Pho would stop me coming back. There is something about this place that ensures that when I find myself alone and wanting some tasty Vietnamese, I’ll be tempted to swing by – open 7 days, they’re always there for a booty call. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Come on, give it a Thy

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  2. Katherine says:

    hi, what sort of stock was in there? It looks really pinkish. Is it the weird lighting? Have you tried I love Pho264, Snag stand, Huxtaburger, Spicy fish etc?

    • FoodFloozy says:

      Hey Katherine, yep, just weird lighting on this one. From memory this was a simple spiced chicken broth (fairly standard for the Pho fair).

      Snag stand and Huxtaburger are on my hit list, Spciy Fish I’ve been to and loved, but wasn’t blogging at the time and didn’t know about Pho264 – is that in the city?

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