Price doesn’t always mean value

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April 29, 2012 by FoodFloozy

The Place: il Fornaio

Address: 2 Acland Street, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182
Cost: Prices range, cakes are around 3 to 5 each (the little ones) and breakfast/lunches are anywhere from $15 to $25.

Hours: Monday to Sunday, Breakfast and lunch.
Style: European / Bakery / Cafe


Rating: Heart Breaker (1/5)

A blustery cool day in St Kilda, the family is getting together for Easter lunch at St Kilda Pier Kiosk. We – my hubby and I – got up a little late and hadn’t eaten breakfast, so decided to go off search of some hot-cross buns to share with the family; and as il Fornaio used to be a great bakery when we lived in St Kilda, we thought they’d have the best…

The Food
I’ll cut to the chase here and say right up that hot cross buns aren’t the cheapest things a bakery can make. They’re loaded with dried fruits and are a little more fiddly than your standard bun. That said… $3.00 each is down right ridiculous! What’s worse, when we ordered 9 of these buns, they didn’t change the price… “That will be $27.00 thanks” sprouted the less than impressive air head behind the counter. I’ll discuss her later…

Anyway, with buns in hand, our expectation for these to be the best hot-cross buns ever, was now sky high. So what happened when we bit into them? Our mouths were instantly robbed of their moisture as the buns were really dry and a little stale. The fruit was scattered throughout but not generous and the tops were not sticky. 

All in all, this was a nightmare affair, with all the sting of a bad date, as we paid for the expensive fling without so much as a tasty kiss – WHAT’S THE POINT!?!

I hate to say it, but the Baker’s Delights hot-cross buns that were being given out FREE at Bunnings were worlds better – moist, sticky and the fruit was even a little caramelised (YUM!).

And everything else?
Now for the lass that was working behind the counter. They were busy – it was a Saturday morning. There were two young ladies working behind the cake counter, and we’d been waiting for awhile to be served… this is what happened:

  • One of the ladies was waffling on to a seemingly disinterested customer. She was saying sorry for how her hair looked, as a bee had stung her on the ear and she had to cover it because it was it was really red *giggle*. WHAT?? Sweet Jesus, kill me.
  • The other lady served her last customer in front of us, then moved her register at the other end of the bench. She then cocked her head to one side indicating we should come to her, although our hot-cross buns were in front of us. I pointed that we wanted the buns, and she (not smiling) indicated that we still had to come to her. We did, she got the buns, ripped us off with the $27 price tag and we left. 

*Food Floozy growls in anger*

Food envy
Lovely breakfasts were being eaten around us, and tasty-looking pies were being dished up. But I’m scorned now you see… so I can’t say I’ll be back to try any of that.

Look, I can’t write this review without saying that I used to love this place. Many hot flings have been had here; expertly scrambled eggs (silky and delicious), heart warming ragu’s on cold days and light zingy pastas on warmer days. It breaks my heart to have had such a horrible experience, but I’ve heard that the management changed over a couple of years ago, and maybe this is just how it has to be. You’ve changed il Fornaio, and I just can’t be with you anymore – this is a heart breaker.

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