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March 18, 2012 by FoodFloozy

Nutella French Toast at Moka Pot Cafe
The Place: Moka Pot Cafe

Address: 315 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North, VIC
Cost: Ranging from $15 to $20 for breakfasts, and lots of tasty cheap treats in the display fridges for eat in or takeaway.
Hours: 8.00am to 3pm Monday to Sunday
Style: Cafe (Breaky/Lunch)


Rating: Hot Fling (4/5)

I haven’t been out for a decent and relaxing Sunday breakfast for ages – ah, the joys of home ownership. I am very much enjoying the bumper crop of tomatoes we’ve had this year in our home garden, but a girl has to have a breakfast outting more than twice a year! For my ‘first forray in ages’ I chose the Moka Pot Cafe, as it is the Hubby’s latest place of work. It seemed a good choice, and it was!

The Food
Mum accompanied me on my little affair and after much deliberation, selected Green Eggs with an English Breakfast tea. I embraced my inner chocoholic and went for the Nutella French Toast with a strong flat white coffee.

Nutella French Toast

Chocolate. I fantasise about eating heaps of it, but often find myself overwhelmed with the sweetness/richness of it – unlike with cheeeeese. Mmmmm. 

Anyway, served with a generous amount of perfectly caramelised grilled bananas, maple syrup, just the right amount of Nutella in the middle and a bitter chocolate sauce, this french toast wasn’t overpowering, IT WAS DELICIOUS! I have to admit to getting the chocolate sauce on the side, but boy-o-boy, if you’re a chocolate fiend, you should SO eat this. Yum!

Green Eggs

My food envy however – being a savory fan – was Mum’s choice. Perfectly poached eggs sitting on top of crisply fried smokey ham hock, just the right amount of a subtle basil pesto, oven roasted tomatoes, all on a tasty piece of sourdough toast. Mum wasn’t sharing, and I couldn’t stop ogling her plate! The genius on this plate (although it all blended together really well) was the crispy ham hock… I’ve died and gone to heaven!!

And everything else?
The ambiance of the place is fabulous – busy and friendly, yet relaxing at the same time. I loved being able to check out the fridge full of tasty treats and glistening cakes and Mum had a lovely time too. The only reason this place isn’t a Match Made in Heaven was the service. Although everyone is super dooper nice, I like to have 2 or 3 coffee’s when I’m out for an indulgent breakfast – and lots of water. The water and first round of coffees were on the table quick smart, but the second round was never offered and I had to really flag someone down to order it and the water was never topped up. The only reason I mention it is that the coffee is really yummy, and I wanted MORE.

Food Envy?
Yep, big time. I’m going back to eat a plate of Green Eggs all to myself, as well as the pancakes, and Eggs Benedict – all of these looked fantastic.

Although I might have had to wait to moisten my mouth, my tummy was more than fully attended to at this gem of a cafe snug in Balwyn North. Easily teasing my taste buds for more, this Hot Fling left me with my heart aflutter and with great anticipation of my next affair here.

Moka Pot Cafe on Urbanspoon


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